GENRE: educational, adventure, comedy



TIMING: 5,5 min.

NUMBER OF EPISODES: 52 (1 season)


An animated series for 3-5 year old kids, its main topics are learning about the world, preschool education, teamwork. Through engaging stories the child receives answers to a lot of questions: where the wind blows, why the sun shines, why the sky is blue. A little spectator will understand how important it is — to interact and to cooperate with others in order to reach desired goals. He or she will realize the value of family, trust and friendship.


The plot centers around the story about courageous space travelers — Spacies. On their space station, they wander from one planet to another, explore distant corners of the Universe, help those who are in trouble and certainly miss no opportunities to have fun. Each episode is a new exciting adventure, in which young spectators take part together with the protagonists. In real life Spacies, the space station, planets are only toys scattered around the room of a 5-year-old boy. A pile of blocks on the floor turns into a block planet, and stuffed animals bring our characters to the planet of anti-stress toys. The travelers will be lucky to visit the planets of cars and trains that have come alive and even the world inhabited by robot dinosaurs. The space station can fly into a book or a black hole, which in real life will turn out to be a regular vacuum cleaner. 


123001, Moscow, per. Vspolny, house. 19, floor 4, room 3, com. 13B