GENRE: adventure, entertainment, fantasy

TARGET AUDIENCE: preschool, 5-7 years

TIMING: 11 min.

NUMBER OF EPISODES: 26, 1st season

LOGLINE: Meow team consists of kittens studying in a school for superheroes. Each student is gifted with his own unique superpower. However, kittens lack the skill to control them, and frequently their talents do more harm than good. All the world knows that a cat walks by himself, but our characters need to unite, as their superpowers grow manifold when they act together. School tutors bring up their trainees as team members, ready to rescue and help others, fight the injustice and make the world a better place. The principal antagonist standing in their way is the Director of Supervillain Academy, fennec fox Arnold. 

School stories with problems, close to our TA, adventures and mastering of superpowers, relations between trainees, salvation of citizens or school students, battle against Arnold's evil plans are the main drivers of the series.


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